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Fantastic, missing iCloud support

Love the app but it is missing synch to iCloud (or Google drive, etc.), which would make it perfect.

Omnigraffle 2

Very useful !! Thanks for Your work.

Text tools needs IMMEDIATE bug fix

Labels and text cant be edited properly. O, P, L, colons and period as well as the use of backspace exits the editing mode (on iPad 3, iOS 8).

works good

At this moment this app seems to work fine and stable. I would wish me the integration of iCloud for synchronization of the files. I think this would be more intuitiv for saving the files and handling the surface of os-x regarding the OmniGraffle desktop version.

Top Funktionsumfang und UI

tolle Funktionen (Pro, kostenfreier Update von V1), gute Bedienung. Top Profi App. Der Preis ist hoch, ja, aber so ist es halt bei OmniGroup, Klasse statt Masse - sie halten am Preismodell fest. Wer lesen kann ist auch hier im Vorteil: Sync via OmniPresence - besser gehts nicht. Auch nicht mit iCloud, OneDrive oder Dropbox. Zumal man den Sync Server auch selbst hosten (lassen) kann - Datenkontrolle, wer will... PS vom "Schlaumeier": Dropbox muss man nicht installieren, gell?? :-)


Im used to bad quality from this company but the iOS version of OmniGraffle is so bad its not even funny. Seriously the controls are bad the UI is bad and what, no dropbox/icloud integration??? It even tries to pass the sharing options that every app offers off as cloud sync - truly pathetic!

Love having this on my iPhone

I’ve loved OmniGraffle Pro on the Mac & iPad for years; having it on my iPhone 6 Plus, too, is awesome. I’m very much at home with Adobe Illustrator, but more and more I turn to OmniGraffle Pro first, because it’s fast, flexible, and far more portable, whether my images are destined for planning, publication, or presentation.

Indispensable tool

Been using OmniGraffle for years on Mac and iPad. So nice to use it on an iPhone now!

Great but drop the Pro

Great piece of desktop quality software. Freehand sketching does not work well for printing or cursive, or sketching, but it does allow you to draw rough shapes. Also text labels cannot be set to follow the line paths, as you can do in the desktop software. Otherwise, gives you nearly all the same tools as its OS counterpart in a mobile package and for half the price. The arbitrary hamstringing of the bin-pro version continues to grate--Omnifocus does not shy away from charging a premium for its well designed and useful software--which is reasonable considering the support and continued refinement of each whole number update--but withholding great features to encourage users to spend an additional premium on top of its premium pricing for the main app leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Otherwise Omni apps continue to be one of the key linchpins in the Mac Ecosystem.

Good but...

Lot of options but a bit complicated. Also, cannot export image on high resolution. Export image is only in one format and poor quality. Why would I want to use this on my iPhone if I need to finish everything I do on the Mac app??

Regrettable purchase

Had high hopes for this app but after spending over 40 hours trying to work around surprising shortcomings its a write-off. E.g. Think youll be able to import an image or existing icons for use in your drawing? Think again. Need to pick a specific color to match client branding? Have fun with the sliders (no other options and no user defined palettes). Tech support is friendly and responsive, but dont hold your breathe. Even the OS X version users have been waiting for features like a basic SVG import for nearly a decade!

Really Omnigroup?!?

OK, I understand the rational behind charging something extra for additional features, but $49.99 for add-on capabilities to a program with a base price of $49.99?!? Oh, and on top of it all if I was to purchase v.1 before it was removed from the Apple Store while v.2 was in development it would have been a free “Pro” upgrade? Please fix the upgrade madness, it is a great product but it is almost as expensive as the desktop version now.

Greater than greater.

I heard that OmniGraffle is the best graphical app on app store. So, I bought this one. Now I understand why this app is that expensive. Although I have used grafio for simple graphic works, I think I should delete it. This one is used to make mindmaps, flowcharts and so on. This can everything I want to do. It deserves $50. I think it could be more than that.

$100 app not support dropbox; Visio import crashed

Like this app and spend $100 (v1 + v2) with the hope to manage Visio files at work. However, the lack of dropbox (or any others) support is a disappointment. The company suggests using their sync service or email or web download, I am afraid, is not the best or even a common practice. I believe most people would like to have a generic cloud storage solution (Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud... to name a few) instead of many different sync services for many different apps on many different platforms. Please stop reinventing the wheel while many better solutions are out there.

OmniSync broken?

I installed this (OmniGraffle 2) as part of the Omni Productivity bundle. It alone refuses to connect and configure for syncing with the OmniSync server. All of the other apps sync just fine with their server on the same iPad. OmniGraffle 1 was able to connect to OmniSync this morning (10/8/2014) but is stuck "Connecting" now. For now, OmniGraffle 2 is useless to me: I cant even transfer diagrams from old to new on the same iPad. ------- Update: goid support experience with Omni Group. Known problem – they are trying to push a fix through the iTunes Store. Being patient!

No dropbox support, sync broken over LTE

Seriously, its ok to propose your own cloud service to not depends on others, but not supporting dropbox, no. Moreover their own sync is broken and the App wont sync over LTE. "Pro App"... Right.

Simply stunning

My primary note taking, drawing and idea app.

My last Omni upgrade- Too expensive, works like a subscription!

This will be my last update of OmniGraffle. I bought the app in June of 2013 for $49.00. While this is a quality app, it has become too expensive. Now, one year later, another $49.00. I use this app for developing graphics for teaching, presentations and writing. I didnt realize the yearly cost of staying current with this app! During the next year I will look for alternatives, then say goodbye to Omni. Your mobile apps are simply too expensive. Perhaps if I was a designer and used this app all day it would be worth it. With many mainline apps moving to subscription models one needs to prioritize carefully. This upgrade path of Omni is not much different than an annual subscription. "Buyer beware" of the app ecosystem you are buying into. Once you start using this app, understand the long term expense of using it.

This is NOT good!

The update still lack of some key features! How do you create a curved line? You CANNOT. They just allow you to draw a straight line and you cannot adjust it. The previous version let your double tap to add a adjustable point. But this time it will add a label and you can never create a curve. Cannot believe they even made DOWNGRADE on functionality! I bought the old version, and now the new version. Therere not many changes from the old version. Some old functions like drawing a curved link were missing. A nice new UI is good. But cost it $50 is greedy, all apps did that kind of thing for free. More solid functions should be added to match with the price tag. And it crashes, a lot!

Very Poor substitute to Visio

I’ve tried to use this as a substitute for Visio for Network drawings but it just doesn’t work for me.

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