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OmniGraffle 2 app for iPhone and iPad

4.0 ( 7760 ratings )
Business Productivity
Developer: The Omni Group
49.99 USD
Current version: 2.9, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 17 Sep 2014
App size: 109.37 Mb

Need to create a quick diagram, process chart, page layout, website wireframe, or graphic design? With OmniGraffle, your iPad touch screen is your canvas (or graph paper, or whiteboard, or cocktail napkin…).

OmniGraffle knows what makes a diagram different from a drawing, so it knows how to help you make superior documents quickly: it keeps lines connected to shapes even when theyre moved, it provides stencils full of objects for you to drag and drop, and it can magically organize diagrams so your ideas come to life.

Using simple multitouch gestures, draw shapes, drag in objects, and style everything until its just right. Smart guides help you organize your document in a flash, and automatic layout gives you a powerful shortcut to the perfect diagram layout. Changes are saved as you work, and documents will automatically sync to your other Mac and iPad devices when using OmniPresence, our sync technology. Or, share your creations via PDF export to others.

A well-designed chart or diagram communicates information far better than words. When you need a clear understanding of how information needs to be presented or how processes are carried out, OmniGraffle for iPad is the tool to help you organize your thoughts visually, document them beautifully, and communicate them to the world.


- Several Professional features such as Visio support, shape combinations, tables, and more are now available as an In-App Purchase (available for free to customers who upgrade from v1).
- You can now search for user-submitted stencils at our own repository, Stenciltown.
- A new Style system has been introduced to make it easier to set and apply Favorite visual styles as well as picking from available styles that exist on the canvas.
- Interface changes have been made to bring OmniGraffle up to date with iOS 8. A new Canvases sidebar has been added, as well as the ability to hide interface controls completely.
- Combine two or more objects on the canvas to create a custom shape. Included with the Pro In-App Purchase.
- Import and export support for Visio file formats. Included with the Pro In-App Purchase.
- Import and export support for OmniOutliner files.
- New fill, stroke, and shadow styles have been added.
- Easily AirDrop files between iOS 8 and Mac OS X 10.10 apps.
- Manipulate vertex points on shapes with the Freehand Tool, and convert them to Bézier points.
- Use built-in stencils or draw customizable shapes
- Freehand sketch directly onto your canvas
- Touch and drag to connect shapes together
- Touch "lay out now" to automatically arrange your diagram
- Smart guides help you align, rotate, and size objects
- Create multiple page ("canvas") documents
- Share items between your canvases with shared layers
- Wrap text to fit within a shape
- View what styles make up a shape in your diagram
- Select a whole class of objects at once to make changes
- Choose colors from built-in themes
- Create custom colors with support for HSB, RGB, and grayscale
- Create linear and radial fills, blending up to three colors with customizable centers and angles
- Set stroke/line thickness, color, and customize line styles
- Create transparent shape shadows which fall on objects or layers that are behind it
- Define shadow blur/sharpness, transparency, color, and position
- Pinch to zoom in and out
- Combine any two shapes in your document into a table
- Share native OmniGraffle documents via email, or email as a scalable PDF
- Save documents as a graphic in your Photos library

For more information, please visit our website!


If you have any feedback or questions, wed love to hear from you! The Omni Group offers free tech support: you can reach us by email at, by phone at 1-800-315-6664 or +1 206-523-4152, or on twitter at @omnigraffle.

Thank you!

Pros and cons of OmniGraffle 2 app for iPhone and iPad

OmniGraffle 2 app good for

Love the app but it is missing synch to iCloud (or Google drive, etc.), which would make it perfect.
At this moment this app seems to work fine and stable. I would wish me the integration of iCloud for synchronization of the files. I think this would be more intuitiv for saving the files and handling the surface of os-x regarding the OmniGraffle desktop version.
tolle Funktionen (Pro, kostenfreier Update von V1), gute Bedienung. Top Profi App. Der Preis ist hoch, ja, aber so ist es halt bei OmniGroup, Klasse statt Masse - sie halten am Preismodell fest. Wer lesen kann ist auch hier im Vorteil: Sync via OmniPresence - besser gehts nicht. Auch nicht mit iCloud, OneDrive oder Dropbox. Zumal man den Sync Server auch selbst hosten (lassen) kann - Datenkontrolle, wer will... PS vom "Schlaumeier": Dropbox muss man nicht installieren, gell?? :-)
I’ve loved OmniGraffle Pro on the Mac & iPad for years; having it on my iPhone 6 Plus, too, is awesome. I’m very much at home with Adobe Illustrator, but more and more I turn to OmniGraffle Pro first, because it’s fast, flexible, and far more portable, whether my images are destined for planning, publication, or presentation.
Been using OmniGraffle for years on Mac and iPad. So nice to use it on an iPhone now!
Great piece of desktop quality software. Freehand sketching does not work well for printing or cursive, or sketching, but it does allow you to draw rough shapes. Also text labels cannot be set to follow the line paths, as you can do in the desktop software. Otherwise, gives you nearly all the same tools as its OS counterpart in a mobile package and for half the price. The arbitrary hamstringing of the bin-pro version continues to grate--Omnifocus does not shy away from charging a premium for its well designed and useful software--which is reasonable considering the support and continued refinement of each whole number update--but withholding great features to encourage users to spend an additional premium on top of its premium pricing for the main app leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Otherwise Omni apps continue to be one of the key linchpins in the Mac Ecosystem.

Some bad moments

Labels and text cant be edited properly. O, P, L, colons and period as well as the use of backspace exits the editing mode (on iPad 3, iOS 8).
Im used to bad quality from this company but the iOS version of OmniGraffle is so bad its not even funny. Seriously the controls are bad the UI is bad and what, no dropbox/icloud integration??? It even tries to pass the sharing options that every app offers off as cloud sync - truly pathetic!
Lot of options but a bit complicated. Also, cannot export image on high resolution. Export image is only in one format and poor quality. Why would I want to use this on my iPhone if I need to finish everything I do on the Mac app??
Had high hopes for this app but after spending over 40 hours trying to work around surprising shortcomings its a write-off. E.g. Think youll be able to import an image or existing icons for use in your drawing? Think again. Need to pick a specific color to match client branding? Have fun with the sliders (no other options and no user defined palettes). Tech support is friendly and responsive, but dont hold your breathe. Even the OS X version users have been waiting for features like a basic SVG import for nearly a decade!
OK, I understand the rational behind charging something extra for additional features, but $49.99 for add-on capabilities to a program with a base price of $49.99?!? Oh, and on top of it all if I was to purchase v.1 before it was removed from the Apple Store while v.2 was in development it would have been a free “Pro” upgrade? Please fix the upgrade madness, it is a great product but it is almost as expensive as the desktop version now.
I heard that OmniGraffle is the best graphical app on app store. So, I bought this one. Now I understand why this app is that expensive. Although I have used grafio for simple graphic works, I think I should delete it. This one is used to make mindmaps, flowcharts and so on. This can everything I want to do. It deserves $50. I think it could be more than that.

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